How does it work?

Step 1 – Head to the booking page

Step 2 – Tell us your level and where you're based

Step 4 - Pick how long you want to surf and what day

Step 5 - Select any extras (i.e. photographer, scooter pick-up)

Step 6 - We'll connect you to a freelance instructor via WhatsApp or Email

What types of lessons do you do?

Private | 1-on-1 coaching

Private-Group | Travelling with your friends or family? Learn to surf together!

Packages | Got the bug? When you book 2 or more sessions you’ll save money.

How are you ethical?

With earning on average $8 a day, surf coaches in Bali struggle to make ends meet. And that's while working for some of the biggest surf camps and schools on the island.

With over 500 tourists taking lessons at a single beach each day, the numbers don’t really add up.

So we decided to create a surf collective that pays freelance coaches a fair wage, while making it easy and affordable for travellers to learn how to surf.

Our sessions are affordable for Aussies, while still being fair to the surf pros.

When you book a session with Surf Connect Co. you’re making your surf coach’s life a little easier.

What’s included?

- Private surf instructor

- Surfboard

- Leg rope

- Rash-vest

- Sunscreen

- Whole Young Coconut