Best Smoothie Bowls in Bali

What started as a fad has pretty much ingrained itself into everyone’s #breakfastgoals, but like, every morning. Especially in Bali. We love them as a pre-surf snack, never leaving you feeling too full for the waves, or a post-surf feed when you need to re-quench that salty throat. 

We’ve tried and tested and slurped and spooned our way through Bali, so we can safely say we have the top five smoothie bowl recommendations this side of paradise.

To keep you guessing which café took out the top choice, let’s countdown, shall we?

5. Café Organic – Acai Coco Bowl 

The obvious choice for punters looking to make the most of Bali’s organic-by-default copious amounts of fruit is definitely a café with the word “organic” in its name.

And, just like anyone else who hasn’t been living under a rock, we’re a huge fan of the Brazilian super-berry, Acai. 

Served in an uber cute half coconut, the Acai Coco Bowl contains raspberries, mango, toasted coconut, granola and, of course, acai. Blended together and you’d be forgiven into thinking you were devouring healthy ice-cream for breakfast. 

With locations in Seminyak, Canggu and now Umalas, you can have your fix in (nearly) any neck of the Bali woods.


4. The Loft – Pink Dragon

The Loft is the OG bule café of Canggu, and has since expanded to Uluwatu, providing punters with epic décor and even more epic dishes.

Fiery only in colour, the Pink Dragon is one icey bowl that will cure you from the Bali heat. Made up of dragon fruit, mango, banana, strawberry and bee pollen all blended with orange juice and topped with mango, granola, chia seeds, strawberries, coconut flakes and pineapple.

The best part? They’re definitely not stingy with the servings.


 3. Kynd Community Café – Berry Tropical 

A café with picture perfect pink wall, a plant-based menu and an ethos to send out good vibes, Kynd Community should definitely be on your Bali bucket list.

Dragon fruit blended with banana, mixed berries and coconut water topped with granola, strawberries and banana, you can get your bowl topped with either one of the following; “LOVE BALI”, “BALI BABE” and “JETSET”. We dare you not to take a photo. 


2. Balibola – A Mermaid’s Tale and The Drogon

Alongside unicorn lattes and galaxy doughnuts, mermaid smoothie bowls have joined the mythical-space-hybrid food groups of Instagram. And, we’re a sucker for it! We searched high and low for these mermaid bowls, just so we could #doitforthegram. But not only do they look good, they bloody taste good too.

Kale, pineapple, banana, mango, orange and spirulina make up the green goodness that is A Mermaid’s Tale, topped with fruit, coconut, oats and the famous mermaid’s tale, this bowl is one you will want to dive into.

The Drogon consists of dragon fruit, mango and banana and is topped with banana, mango, kiwi, coconut and oats – plus you can add an extra tail and join the nearly 3k #mermaidbowl hashtags on Insta. We did.


 1. The Beach House Bali – Island Fix 

Their feed may not be dripping with insta-models and micro-celebs, but their presentation and taste makes them more than worthy of the top choice. A little hole-in-the-wall in a Legian side street wouldn’t be the most obvious choice, but for the thickest, creamiest, coldest, most drool-worth, earth shattering… oops sorry, forgot you were there.

The Beach House’s Island Fix is the top choice. Their staff are super friendly, their presentation and detail is exquisite, and the taste measures up to everything you thought it would be.

Hannah Lawrance