The leash, or leg rope, is used to attach your board to your leg. Well, duhhh.

Its main purpose is to ensure that you're never separated by your surfboard, it prevents the board from becoming a danger to other surfers, and it stops you from wasting energy chasing it after you wipeout.

We see all surfers, from beginners to pros, use a leg rope, but attaching it correctly is super important.


One end of the leash is attached to a ‘plug’ near the tail of the surfboard. The other end is attached to the surfers back leg by a Velcro strap. To find out which is your back leg, please read our Goofy vs Regular blog post here.

1. Make sure there are no knots or tangles in the rope.

2. Strap the leash around your ankle.

3. Make sure the leash is on tight. Test the tightness by seeing if you can spin the strap around your ankle.

4. Ensure that the leash cord is facing on the OUTSIDE of your ankle and towards the back. This will prevent you getting it caught when trying to pop up.