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Ethical. Flexible. Fun.
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Oh, hey!

We’re Surf Connect Co. A socially conscious surf collective connecting travellers with local surf coaches in Bali. We create casual and ethical surf experiences for your Bali adventures.

You pick the day and the beach. We’ll connect you with an available surf coach. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, your local surfer will show you the waves.

We’re local and legit

Our surf coaches know the water and the conditions. We vet them so you know they’re legit.

We’re ethical

We believe surf coaches in Bali should get paid properly. You’ll know where your money is going.

We’re casual and convenient

You surf when you want. Where you want. We organise private sessions to fit around your travel schedule.

Why us?


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"I wanted a 1-on-1 lesson without having to go through a big school or stay at a camp, so this was perfect for a quick surf lesson on a quick Bali trip."

— Terry W, Aus


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Did you know the average surf coach in Bali earns just $10 a day?

That's on average, $70 a week, $300 a month, $3,650 a year.

And that's while working for some of the biggest surf camps and surf schools.

While the living conditions in Bali are cheap, they're not that cheap.

An average meal from a Warung costs about $3. That's $7 left for two more meals, water, electricity, petrol, data... The math doesn’t really add up.

Surf coaches in Bali struggle to make ends meet. They’re forced to work multiple jobs, long hours, or give up surf coaching all together. Even though more than 500 tourists take lessons at a single beach each day, surf coaching is just not sustainable.

We love surfing in Bali but felt bad enjoying a cheap surf lesson knowing our surf coach might not be able to afford their next meal. Kind of ruins the experience, don’t you think?

Skilled surf coaches should be able to make a decent living.

So we decided to create a surf collective that pays freelance coaches a fair wage, while making it easy and affordable for travellers to learn how to surf.

When you book a surfing lesson with Surf Connect Co. you’re making your surf coach’s life a little easier. Our sessions are affordable for Aussies, while still being fair to the surf pros.

Let's connect and surf ethically.

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